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From unorganized data sources to impactful dashboards, Corail Analytics will help you to build your best in-class data stack
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Corail Analytics

Corail Analytics is a data consultancy agency.
Founded in February 2021, we aim to help startups and scale-ups leverage their data ressources.

Solve your challenges

With 10 years  of experience in data industry, we will  help you to solve your next challenges

Looker Specialists

We are proud to be Looker partners & specialists.

Fit to your needs

Versatile offer to fit your needs and improving your existing data stack

They trust us

"Agility and reactivity were the key of our collaboration with Corail Analytics. Corail AX allowed us to unlock data potential on Growth Marketing.
It helped us to understand better our funnel, standardize dashboards on Looker and roll-out experimental analyses focused on product and sales"
Idriss Roumili, Growth Manager @Aircall
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Data Engineering

Corail Analytics can help you to unify and maintain your data from different sources into your data warehouse.

We will also provide support on the reverse ETL if you need to spread your data to external tools.

Data engineering is a key to make your data actionable !

Analytics Engineering

While your business increases, it becomes a challenge to combine agility with an easy maintenance. We manage to do so by using efficient transformation tools like dbt and following CI/CD best practices.

On top of that, we always validate the new developments going through a Code Review. After your pipeline has run, we guarantee the quality of your models running data tests.

Analytics & Governance

Either you want to dig into your data for ad-hoc analysis, or build robust reports for your company, we make sure that you can leverage the power of your data.

Is your stack efficient enough ? What is the level of trust in your reports ? Can you improve your data governance ?

Corail Analytics can give you the best answers and design the most relevant solution for you !

Founded by data passionates

Martin Lainez

Co-founder & CEO

Alexandre Valentin

Co-founder & COO

Offices in Saint-Malo and Paris


1 Rue Augustin Fresnel, 35400 St-Malo


20 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle,
75009 Paris

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